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Of all the professional Web business specialties, it is search engine optimization or SEO that carries the most promise and potential for our Web enterprises. For those whose business requires a continuous stream of website visitors to their site from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, SEO is imperative. While there are other ways and means to acquire traffic, none do so as consistently or as profoundly as search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization, Elemental Maze Web SolutionsAmong Internet businesses and website owner communities, there is both high interest in and mystery surrounding the practice of SEO, in fact, more so than in nearly any other field. Actively using search engine optimization strategies provides consistent benefits to any website, time and time again.

Avoiding SEO Death

It doesn't take a Google search engineer to identify factors that threaten the ranking position and placement on search results. A few of the more traditional black-hat approaches include cloaking with manipulative content, acquiring links from known link brokers, outbound link to pages and sites identified as SPAM, and frequent server downtime and site inaccessibility. Other factors include hidden text, excessive repetition of keywords, excessive number of dynamic parameters, hiding text with CSS and excessive links from the same IP address block.

For many website owners and Internet professionals, search engine optimization is mysterious, but it is not nearly as complicated as it seems. While it requires organization, thoughtfulness, dedication and single-mindedness, immense visitor traffic can be sent to your website. We may not necessarily reveal any tricks to you, but you will discover the traditional and accepted means to optimize your site for natural or organic listings.

Fresh Brew

  • New Website for Margaret Szott DDS Thu, April 14

    Margaret Szott DDS gets a brand new, responsive (mobile friendly) website. is built on the latest CSS3, bootstrap and Joomla! platforms. 

    Visit the new website.

  • First Baptist Church of Thomasville Thu, April 14

    First Baptist Church of Thomasville now has a online home. Thank you Barry Glover for allowing me the opportunity to help out another church.

    Visit the FBCTville website.

  • Farmer's Table Grains Thu, April 14

    The Farmer's Table Grains project exposed EMWS to a new component within Joomla!. The Azura Page Builder component was impressive and less than impressive at the same time. In the end, I ended up despising the component. It required several interventions from the developer to complete and customize simple things. 

    Visit the Farmer's Table Grain website.

  • New site for E3 Endurance Fri, July 24

    We just launched a new website for E3 Endurance. The website takes advantage of the latest Joomla! platform and framework. It offers e-commerce for purchasing services online and is fully responsive to fit all mobile devices.

  • Apple's Chapel Christian Church Mon, April 27

    The Apple's Chapel Christian Church website was the first church website Elemental Maze has had the privilege of working on.  Thank you to my long time old friend Mr. Loftis for setting me up with this gig. 

  • Wed, March 18

    Why Ranking First Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

    One of the biggest misconceptions is that once a website ranks first, the marketing budget can be cut, SEO can be stopped and the business can reap the continual reward of being visible to paying customers without incurring any cost. Read Full Article