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If you think that you can't afford a professionally designed website, think again!

A simple brochure style web site can provide the professional appearance your business needs and make a positive first impression that is critical when attracting new clients or customers. Not only that, read this article on how a website can be your most important online marketing tool!

TWebsite Development, Optimization, Design, Pricing and Estimateshe cost of your web site depends on many factors. However, one of the largest factors has to do with dynamic information and e-commerce. Basically, sites can be placed into two categories: Static and Dynamic.

A static site is more like a brochure; it provides information about your business and should be visually appealing. It may have a contact us form that simply provides the information in a email. Here is an example of a site that is more or less a 'static' site.

A dynamic site can collect information from your visitors, process that information, and provide results based on that information back to your user. Information is usually stored within a database server. Users contribute information to your site, such as forums, reviews, polls, testimonials, and guestbooks. Dynamic sites allow for the collection of a large variety of information through the utilization of custom forms which can be created and posted to the site. Example of a dynamic site.



General Pricing Guidelines:

Type General Cost
Static Web Site: $799 - $1899
Dynamic Web Site: $1499 - $4999
Shopping Cart (e-commerce) $1499 - $4999
Site Optimization $379 - $1999