What We Do

  • Off 'n Running and Elemental Maze Web SolutionsIn 1999, the World Wide Web was mainly the hard coding of html, which is exactly how we began. As technology changed, so did our approach on building web sites. Elemental Maze has experience in many different elements of web site design and construction tools:

    • Dreamweaver
    • Fireworks
    • Flash
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Server (hosting & domain name registration)
    • CMS (Content Management System)
    • SharePoint
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Domain Registration
    • Web Hosting
    • Social Media


    By working with the client and with their target market in mind we ensure a high quality product. Our primary objective is to create a brand, business image, or a product message that offers the best user/audience experience. 

    This is done by considering the client's product and service offerings, their existing brand and business image, audience feedback and preferences, as well as taking design surveys during mock-ups and prototypes. 

    Below is an outline of the typical web design process. Each project is approached a little differently based on its unique requirements. However, we are consistent in our methodologies and processes to ensure full client satisfaction.

    The design of your website is your company’s interview outfit. Potential clients decide whether or not to buy from you based on your website. Elemental Maze Web Solutions designs websites that look professional, are easy to navigate, and will increase the amount of time users spend on your website.

    Elemental Maze Web Solutions can offer Joomla! CMS, search engine tools, we can explain how the Google Website functions and catalogs data, we can help you understand search engines. We are friendly toward non profits, or nonprofits. We focus on web design greensboro, greensboro web design, greensboro seo services, and web page search optimization.

    We can also help with internet & marketing, url analytics, analytics setup, website names, and domains. Want to build a web page, need a web page, web application system? Elemental Maze Web Solutions can help!


  • Analysis
    Site analysis is the key to success in designing a website that reflects professional branding and creates the best user experience. The process applies client & audience preferences, competitive analysis, marketing & branding concepts, and necessary business rules.
  • Prototype & Demo
    Site analysis reflects greatly on the design and layout of a site. In this stage we apply all site analysis information and create a layout to be approved by our client. Once the client approves the layout, we move to the design phase and furnish the actual design of the site.
  • Designs
    In the design stage we furnish all graphical and creative elements of the site. All branding and marketing themes are applied. Additionally any comments, suggestions, or minor changes from the client review are taken into consideration and the necessary steps are made to address those issues.
  • Implementation
    In this stage the graphical layout is optimized to be integrating with HTML. All programming and development tools are used to make the graphics and navigational structure functional.
  • Testing
    In general, testing is done in all stages of the project. Pre and post launch test are both critical in maintaining a good web site. The means of testing involves the use of specialized browser testing software, calculation of download speed, automatic & manual check for broken links and a final check on any programming errors.
  • Mobile
    Let's face it, mobile devices are here to stay. As technology evolves and mobile devices become more and more common when it comes to surfing on-line, you had better be sure that your next web project includes a responsive layout.