Importance of web presence for your business

What is the most effective online marketing strategy for your small business?

If "company website" was not your immediate answer, then let me offer this bit of information. 86 percent of the small business owners recently polled in the Small Business Search Marketing Survey by American Express answered that their company website was their most effective online marketing strategy.

As an aspiring web professional, I struggle everyday to get my thoughts around how to better relay the importance of a website to a potential clients business. Having a website for your business is not simply the end all be all, but is a very important piece of the whole.

we are here for you sign, elemental Maze web solutionsHowever, this is what many companies out there are selling. Especially the companies that use the"just do it yourself" pitch. The problem with that slogan is that it's almost similar to defending yourself at a trial rather than hiring an attorney who understands the court systems, past case histories, and the ever changing laws.

Websites and Courtrooms have this in common. Nothing would stop you from defending yourself in court if you ever found yourself in such an unfortunate position. Just like nothing is stopping you from building your own website. However, you are far more likely to fail and lose your case by defending yourself in court rather than hiring an attorney. The same is true for the construction of your website. Without understanding the ever changing environment of the World Wide Web, you are far more likely to construct a site that has a very small chance of being successful. It takes many years to hone the skills necessary to be a good attorney, and it takes many years to become a knowledgable web professional. One thing is certain, we are always learning and we will NEVER know everything!

I've heard business owners make the mistake of saying: "they don't need a website, I'll just use Facebook". Social media was the second most popular answer with only 44 percent. E-mail came in at 35 percent, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at 28 percent and paid search was 21 percent.

All of these are wonderful online tools, but they should never be your businesses means to an end. This begs the question of which of these tools should you use in conjunction with your website? What are the best practices in acquiring e-mail subscribers? How do I prepare my site for SEO? And what in the world is CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA as they relate internet advertising?

These are all questions your web professional should help you answer. They understand domain names, web hosting, software essentials, web design, content development, search engine optimization, e-mail, social media, internet advertising, and analytics. This is why we are here.

Fresh Brew

  • New Website for Margaret Szott DDS Thu, April 14

    Margaret Szott DDS gets a brand new, responsive (mobile friendly) website. is built on the latest CSS3, bootstrap and Joomla! platforms. 

    Visit the new website.

  • First Baptist Church of Thomasville Thu, April 14

    First Baptist Church of Thomasville now has a online home. Thank you Barry Glover for allowing me the opportunity to help out another church.

    Visit the FBCTville website.

  • Farmer's Table Grains Thu, April 14

    The Farmer's Table Grains project exposed EMWS to a new component within Joomla!. The Azura Page Builder component was impressive and less than impressive at the same time. In the end, I ended up despising the component. It required several interventions from the developer to complete and customize simple things. 

    Visit the Farmer's Table Grain website.

  • New site for E3 Endurance Fri, July 24

    We just launched a new website for E3 Endurance. The website takes advantage of the latest Joomla! platform and framework. It offers e-commerce for purchasing services online and is fully responsive to fit all mobile devices.

  • Apple's Chapel Christian Church Mon, April 27

    The Apple's Chapel Christian Church website was the first church website Elemental Maze has had the privilege of working on.  Thank you to my long time old friend Mr. Loftis for setting me up with this gig. 

  • Wed, March 18

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