Jason Landry E-Resume published

It's one thing to talk the talk, but to walk the walk is a different matter all together. Being a "web guy", I try to do all things via the World Wide Web.

New Pet Grooming Website

A new pet grooming business just opened about a mile from my home and our dog needed grooming in a major way, so I popped in one Saturday and they were able to do a same day grooming.

Single-Page Site Design

Single-page site design is among 2013's hottest trends, and for reason. Pageless or Single-Page site design is the future.

Common SEO Questions

With all of the "do it yourself" commercials these days related to websites and building websites, I sometimes like to share a tiny bit, and I mean a tiny bit of information us "web people" need to know about the CORRECT way to build a website.

Google Authorship: Critical for Bloggers

If you are an avid blogger, or if you post a weekly, monthly or quarterly blog or newsletter, you should be taking advantage of Googles Authorship Script.

New popup survey Wrights Care Solutions

Just implemented a new survey on the new Wrights Care Services website. The survey automatically pops up when a new visitor lands on the site.